Waxwel Paraffin Bath

I decided that it would be a great idea to get a paraffin wax bath – since I wasn’t going to pay for it at a salon! LOL I also wasn’t going to get a manicure or pedicure for a while – gotta same some money for the wedding and honeymoon.

I had two requirements when looking for a paraffin wax bath:
1)it had to be under $100
2) it had to be big enough to fit both my hands and my (large!) feet (I wear a size 10 womens)

I searched high and I searched low. I crawled all over Amazon with a fine tooth comb. I came to realize that I LOVE the Google search shopping thingy. That bad boy is GREAT! I searched everywhere for a paraffin wax bath that fit my two requirements. Then I finally found one! The Medline Waxwel Paraffin Bath. I found it at a medical supplier for $85.51. Perfect!!

I ordered it (11/02/09)and it came rather promptly. It comes with 6 bricks of unscented wax. I ordered (and would have LOVED) lavender scented but hey, it was under $100. Plus I have lavender scented essential oil at home :-). What is weird to me is that the bath comes with ONE booty and ONE glove. Why?? Why one? Ok, I can see – sorta – the one glove. You can only dip one hand and cover it at a time. But what about the booty? What is with just one booty? I have two feet and I can dip one foot and then the other. In fact, I think that is how most people would use it, LOL. Maybe I’m just weird and they expect you to dip one foot and one hand – wait – then dip the other foot and the other hand.

I bought my paraffin bath from a discount medical supplier but you can also buy it from Amazon.com.

Cost: $85.51
Shipping: $11.15
Handling: $3.00
Total Cost: $99.66

Waxwel Paraffin Unit with Accessories


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