Remembering Annette

Annette's Homecoming

I had to attend a funeral – or “home coming” – today. The funeral was for a friend of my fiancée and I, Annette Turner. I say “had to” because I don’t do well with funerals (though that is true for a lot of people) and I have decided that when I pass (if I have the opportunity) I would like to be cremated – and have the money that would go to having a funeral for me go to a party for my family and friends. I mean a real party with cake, ice cream, food, drinks, lots dancing music and tons of laughter. That’s how I try to live my life now, how I hope to live my life in the future, and how I want to be remembered.

Annette was a very loving person. She could be very annoying and a bit of a know it all – but she was extremely kind and likeable. She was a single mother of two – and both of her children attended (or are currently attending) college. She spoke of her children often, with love and pride. She tried to mother everyone – and wanted the best for her friends and family.

My fiancée and I were both lucky enough to be a part of Annette’s circle of friends – she was to attend our wedding in September – and she joked and laughed and picked on us as if we were her children. She scolded and gave advice in equal measures – and this is very difficult for me. It’s hard to quantify someone’s effect on your life in simple words. Quite frankly it’s almost impossible. All I know is that Annette was important enough for me to get up early this morning and go to a funeral. Honestly, in some ways my attending her funeral was very selfish of me. I didn’t want to believe her gone and so part of the reason I went to her funeral was to verify for myself that this wasn’t some sick joke. There I sat, surrounded by people in mourning, and with them I cried. I cried for her children and I cried for my fiancée and I cried for myself.

Annette's Obituary


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