Bump Free Bikini Zones

Shave Your Bikini Line with Confidence
Author: Kelly Spies

Every girl knows that bumps go hand in hand with shaving the bikini area. Its part of the process right? Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way to shave the nether region without having to deal with all

those red irritated bumps that pop up minutes after we put the razor down. Women, rejoice! You too can get a great shave this summer and show off in that sexy new bathing suit at the beach and here’s how you can do it.

When it comes to shaving the pubic area take care to make sure your girlie goods are dry and free from all oils, lubricants, soaps, perfumes and lotions. That’s always the first step to a good clean shave, especially when it concerns a naturally moist part of the body.

Baby powder is not just for sweet smelling babies. When trying to get a bump free bikini zone, sprinkle lots and lots of baby powder on the region to ease the glide of the razor.

Most women prefer to shave in the shower; however this is not always the best idea when it comes to shaving parts of your body that you can not see. Consider shaving your bush garden after you have taken a shower.

Always use a new razor. A razor that has already been used to shave your legs will be nicked or dull. Disposable razors are not the best razors to use but if you must use a disposable go for the Noxzema Triple Blade or the Schick Quattro that has four blades. If you can’t afford a personal trimmer or other expensive shaving device try using a Gillette Venus Vibrance razor.

Trim the hair with scissors or beard trimmer before you attempt any shaving of the pubic area. Shave the area down until you are left with only stubble. Be sure to shave in the direction the hair grows or you will end up with razor rash not matter what you do.

Steps for Shaving in the Shower
1. Run a hot bath and soak in it for around ten to twenty minutes to soften the hair follicles.

2. Exfolliate the area you want to shave by gently massaging the hair in small circles with a loofah or exfoliating mitt. Dry skin will only cause the razor to get mucked up and clogged during shaving.

3. Lather your skin with hair conditioner. Forget about fancy creams or shaving gels. The best way to get a sleek soft shave is to use conditioner.

4. Pull any loose skin tight with one hand and shave in short strokes downwards in the direction the hair naturally grows. Shaving against the direction of the hair chops the hair off and leaves a point that will grow into prickly stubble and cause ingrown hairs. A safe method of pulling the skin tight is to squat in the tub or shower so that the area itself is pulled taught.

5. After shaving use Secret Solid deodorant over the shaved areas while it is still somewhat damp, but not soaking wet.

Steps for Shaving Outside the Shower

1. Clip hair with scissors or beard trimming device.

2. Dust baby powder liberally over the area you want to shave.

3. Sit in a kitchen or computer chair and prop your legs up on the bed or other object high enough to get your legs up above your waist. You will want to use a hand held mirror or freestanding mirror to see what you are going to be shaving. Be sure to place a towel or sheet beneath you to catch the falling hair and baby powder dust.

4. Again, use short strokes going over the hair only once. If you choose to use an electric razor you can shave in small circles. If you feel that you absolutely must shave against the grain of the hair do it ever so lightly and do not go over any patch of skin more than once in this direction.

5. After your shave is done and it looks the way you want it to apply Secret Solid deodorant over the area and dust with baby powder.


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