Bikini Shaving Tips

Here are some tips I’ve found for shaving the bikini area. As a woman of color, razor bumps are a MAJOR concern when shaving.

Tea Tree Oil – very light layer applied after shaving

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – Carefully apply to skin prior to shaving. Using an extra sharp razor, slowly and carefully shave the bikini area. Wash carefully when done.

Solid Stick Deodorant – After gently drying your bikini line, apply a VERY light layer of deodorant to the area, being careful to avoid anything that isn’t shaved. Any common arm deodorant will be fine, and make sure you apply it each and every time you shave any sensitive area. The use of deodorant after shaving has been a long time secret of dancers, and anyone else who has to wear a bathing suit, leotard or similar outfit in which the bikini line is exposed on a frequent basis.


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