Bridal Make-Up trial 4 – About Face Beauti

I’ve been searching for a MUA (Make Up Artist) FOREVER. For those who haven’t been following my MUA trials and tribulations, you can find trial 1: Jermal here, trial 2: Sherrian here, and trial 3 Lori here.

I found Melissa of About Face Beauti online. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure where. It was either in the vendor search at or on the Richmond Bridal showcase website.

Originally I wanted to book Lori but I lost her due to the dithering with my bridesmaids. THis time I decided (at first) I would have my friend Dana do my make-up. We did a quick trial (technically trial 4 and Melissa is trial 5) at my house in a dimly lit room.

After the trial I realized that Dana doing my makeup wouldn’t be ideal. Dana needs to get ready herself, so she would have had to either rush me or rush herself. So I decided to find yet another MUA.

I made an appointment with Melissa to have my trial on Memorial Day weekend Friday.

Her studio was a small window-less, air-less single room with ok lighting. We (my fiancee and I) were there for about an hour and a half.

Melissa was (is!) nice – easy to talk to. She also seemed rather cheerful as she explained to me her business plans for the future.

When she was done, I really really liked the job she did. The makeup looked very natural but my bags and blemishes were gone. My face WAS a few shades darker than my neck and chest. She didn’t blend the makeup into my neck so when I turned my head you could see a line where the makeup ended. I also noticed that while I have yellow undertones in my skin, Melissa used foundation that seemed to have more red. These are things that can be fixed with an additonal meeting (later in the summer) closesr to the wedding.

My biggest concern is my oily skin. My skin is very very oily and there is nothing the MUA can do about that.

I think I’ll try some blotting powder…

Total Cost: $25 for trial (50% discount for May)


Bridal Make Up Trial 3: Lori Nansi

I found Lori Nansi via a vendor search at WeddingWire. Well, to be honest, I was on WW moaning and groaning about my MUA Trial with Jarmal and she mentioned on the thread to give her a call, she wouldn’t make me look like an aging drag queen. LOL

I finally contacted her after trying out Sherrian. Lori’s a MUA (Make Up Artist) by profession, so of course she was very professional. Setting up appointments with her and confirmation was a breeze. I scheduled my appointment for February 27th at my house at 2pm.

When she arrived, we discussed the type of look I was going for and I showed her some pics of what I was looking for. She then asked to see the pictures from the other MUA trials. When she saw the pictures from Jarmal’s trial – wow! She was astounded! She’d never seen make-up that bad before (to be honest, neither had I).

Lori was very easy to talk to, fun, and quickly understood what I wanted for make-up.

Then we got down to business. Unlike the other MUA trials, Lori also used airbrush – which she recommended. I am a good candidate for airbrush due to my natural oily skin. It helps to keep the oil/shine down (I’ve been told).

I LOVED the way the airbrush felt going on! It was like a fresh breeze or mist lightly fanning across my skin. When she was done the makeup was already dry and set. My fiancée immediately started poking and rubbing on my face (his bad habit) and NOTHING HAPPENED! No make-up came off, nothing on his fingers. That was great!

She used very light colors for my fairy look but told me it would be no issue when I got darker during the summer.

I LOVED working with Lori. Sadly, even though I felt she was PERFECT, I had a hard time getting my bridesmaids together to agree on makeup. Lori got booked before I was settled. Very sad face.

I didn’t take any pictures of later since I looked exactly the same.

MUA Airbrush Trial: $75
Lashes $15
Total Cost: $90

Bridal Make Up Trial 2: Sherrian

I had to take a few moments off of the MUA (Make Up Artist) search after my experience with Jarmal. Let’s just say that I was a little gun shy.

Just when I was thinking about looking for a new MUA, my fiancée and I were in the mall at Macy’s when I saw Sherrian. She works at the M.A.C. counter there and she was doing someone else’s face. I thought SHE was pretty and I thought she was doing a good job. I hung around and watched, then I approached her. I learned that she does freelance so I gave her my number.

She contacted me rather promptly. We set up an appointment for February 25th at 6:30 pm at my house. She was a LOT more professional than Jarmal from the very beginning. We spoke on the phone, then she sent an email confirming our appointment time, date, and location.

She arrived promptly. We discussed what I wanted. Also I had purchased a lot of makeup from MAC (foundations) so I wouldn’t have the Jarmal issue again.

She looked at what I had, told me it was all wrong and used her own supplies. She had one particular type of MAC foundation that she felt was a better fit for me so she used that.

Sherrian also had a strange way of doing make up trials. Since she doesn’t charge for trials she only does one half of the face. Yes, that’s right. Half.

I like Sherrian. She’s nice and easy to talk to. I felt she did a good job but I was overwhelmed by the ½ face thing. She used half her foundation (that she recommends) on one side of the face, and then the type of foundation that I bought on the other side of the face.

She did one side as the “bridal face” and the other half as the “bridesmaid face.” I had two different foundations, two different eye shadows, two different lipsticks, AND two different blushes. Yeah. Strange.

When I sent pics of her work to my bridesmaids, they all were like “No! You look VERY UNEVEN.”

Can’t argue with that. My fiancée doesn’t like it, either.

Total Cost: $0

Bridal Make Up trial 1 – Jarmal Harris (Jarmal Xquisite)

I really didn’t think about this at first, but I need a MUA (makeup artist). I guess when you’re spending thousands of dollars throwing a party, you do want to look your best. After talking it over with my girls on Wedding Wire I decided that I would get a MUA.

One of my bridesmaids is an entertainer and she has a regular MUA, Jarmal Harris. When she and I were talking about my search for an MUA she suggested him. I checked out his pictures on facebook as well as his more professional site: a micro site on Model Mayhem called Jarmal Xquisite that had his bio and portfolio.

I have to admit, I was impressed. Very impressed. When speaking with him, he told me that he also did fashion shows as well. I was hooked! I had a vision of myself looking very pixie fairy like for my wedding and he seemed to be the man to do it. I scheduled a trial asap.

After the trial was scheduled, his lack of professionalism started to show. He cancelled a few times for random reasons until we finally nailed down December 4th after work, 7 pm. I asked him if there was anything I needed to have prepared for him but he told me he was prepared.

A little after 6:30 I get a text from him (surprise, surprise) he’s running late. He should be at my house between 7:30 – 7:45. He tells me he ran into a “make up emergency” in Baltimore.

In order to make a long story short, he didn’t make it to my house until after 9:30pm. I actually tried to re-schedule for the next day at 8:50 pm but he wanted to continue. My fiancée thought us meeting was a Bad Idea so late at night – he felt Jarmal would rush in order to go home.

As Jarmal gets to my house, my fiancée leaves to go to a friend’s house. He expected we would be done by the time he got back home (ha!). Jarmal was interesting, seemed young (and a little immature) but nice.

I have a rather dimly lit living room (low watt energy saving bulbs) and so I asked Jarmal would he prefer to do the make up in the bathroom where there was better light. Jarmal told me that the light in the living room was fine and wanted to work there. So we get started

He had an odd process – he put NO foundation or anything on my eyelids, only eye shadow. And lots and lots of foundation on my face (my skin isn’t THAT bad). In addition he put a different color of eye shadow on each lid as well as huge pieces of glitter. I have nothing against glitter, but I am over 18. If glitter is to be used I think small pieces that aren’t easy to see (each individual square) with the naked eye.

It took Jarmal about 2 hours to finish doing my face (about 11:30). Just as he’s doing the finishing touches, my fiancée comes home. I hadn’t seen my face yet so I ask my fiancée what he thought. He refused to say anything but he looked angry. I wasn’t sure what his issue was so I didn’t press the point in front of company.

After Jarmal is finished, I go look at my face. I looked like I was wearing a mask and the foundation was starting to crack. Not very cute. Nor did it seem to be the same shade as my face. Jarmal and I spoke about this – he told me it takes about an hour for “my natural oils” come to the surface in order to make the makeup look more natural. He told me he has a spray to speed up the process for the wedding day. I pay him for the trial and then he leaves.

My fiancée immediately tells me that the makeup looks like shit and he hates it. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to yell at the MUA. We both agree that to wait the hour for the “natural oils” to come prior to washing off the makeup (since I was wearing two different eye shadows our plans to go out for the evening were nixed).

I didn’t feel very pretty. In fact, I felt rather ugly. Within that hour I felt it only got worse. I felt like I looked like an aging, poorly made up drag queen. My foundation was cracking and looked mask like. I had big pieces of glitter and two different colors of eye shadow on my eye lids. Shudder

Obviously, I didn’t book with him. I’m even re-thinking having these pictures up. This makes me re-think having a MUA, in fact.